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Anne Bernabeu Naturopath and Nutritionist

Professional path

I first trained as a nutritionist at university. This is a fundamental base, with which I have integrated naturopathy.

I worked for 5 years in the humanitarian field with Action Against Hunger, principally in Africa, as Head of the Nutrition Project where I set up re-nutrition centres for malnourished children.

Thereafter, I worked in France in the field of scientific investigation in the food-processing industry, particularly focusing on intestinal flora research. I have also collaborated with a Consumer Association and taught classes in classical French cooking.

Thereafter, I began my freelance career, writing recipe books for healthy cooking and collaborating in newspaper publications and television programs. I continue to be involved with (many) interesting projects related with the world of nutrition and health.

My professional path led me to seek training in naturopathy within one of the most highly regarded schools in France. I came to realise that nutrition is a fundamental base for good health, but there is much more besides. I update my professional knowledge continuously with added training, which has given me a very thorough understanding of the art of naturopathy.

I am also training in the shiatsu massage technique in Cadiz. Contact with the body offers another way to help and understand the patient. On leaving a session you will instantly feel a relaxing effect and the beneficial effects on your health will later become apparent.


Naturopathy-Iridology Diploma: at the Andrés Lafon Renewed Naturopathy School. 1200 study hours (in addition to personal research and readings) during the course of 3 years, including intensive and university summer courses. One third of my studies have been in anatomy/ physiology.

Post-graduate DESS in “Nutrition and Food Consumption for Developing Countries”, at Montpellier University, (France).

Master of Sciences (MSc) in Human Nutrition and Metabolism, from the Aberdeen School of Medicine, (Scotland).

Student for 4 years in the European Shiatsu School – Shiatsu is a Japanese massage technique using acupuncture meridians

Varied complementary training to deepen understanding in my practice: reflexology, reiki, aromatherapy, floral elixirs, food intolerances/allergies…


"Yoga Nidra": deep relaxation yoga – trained under Micheline Flak following the teachings of Swani Satyananda (Bihar School).

And continued training by means of new courses, workshops, conferences and lectures…

Member of COFENAT (Spanish Federation of Natural and Non-Conventional Therapies) nº 4284.

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